Me: "What I would give to be skinny"
Me: *doesn't exercise or eat healthy*


A Kingdom of procrastination and it looks like I’m the Queen.

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Welcome back to Shaming Racists: the Halloween Edition! Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

Caitlin Cimeno, also known as Kt Cimeno of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Employed at Our Market Liquor Store.

Greg Cimeno

William Filene from Quincy, Massachusetts.

This is all public on facebook. All three pictures can be found on Caitlin Cimeno’s Instagram, @ktcimeno.

There’s no question that the three of them are racists, but Caitlin disgusted me by taking an unconsented picture of somebody else’s little girl, somebody else’s child, and using them as the target of racism for a facebook status. I’m including that too because how nasty do you have to be? As if the Halloween photos don’t answer that question.

Let me add that this stuff right here, EVERYBODY, is the reason you can’t darken your skin to portray a Black person. Because this is used to dehumanize us. Whether you intend to or not, you are perpetrating Blackface.


Caitlin Cimeno, Greg Cimeno, and William Filene are three of thousands. But justice will be served where it can. For them to make a mockery of Trayvon Martin’s death is disgusting, as is every single person praising them in the comments and every person defending them.

Look at how little value Black lives have in some people’s lives. Look at how today, yes, in 2013, our deaths are something to be laughed at, mocked, and our bodies worn as a Halloween costume. This is how we are dehumanized. Only one of thousands of ways.

Happy fucking Halloween.


you cannot sit here and not reblog this shit.

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Today’s complaint

Why can’t I just DO what I want to do? I’m sick of being such a shy little bitch because it holds me back from things I want to achieve.

This is my complaining place

I come here to complain.


Ozzy the beagle by areyoukiddinggme

Aw, makes me miss my baby :(


Ozzy the beagle by areyoukiddinggme

Aw, makes me miss my baby :(

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I want these.

what store is this?!


I want these.

what store is this?!

Damn it

My knees suck. Stupid tendinitis. I haven’t missed a day of Insanity yet but now I have to because my knees hurt and I feel like my workout would end quite badly.


My sister saw Nick Jonas at Six Flags… which is true according to his twitter…

which Six Flags?!

HI :)


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So aggravating

I can’t stand that I will go completely out of my way to help my friends with a favor but when the tables are turned, they could care less.. thanks a lot.